Floyd Rose 1000 vs. Original: Which Is The Best Option For Guitarists?

Guitarists should be sensitive to the music tone. As a result, they decided to employ a locking tremolo to keep their track in tune. But, firstly, they need to determine which one to choose between Floyd Rose 1000 vs. Original.

While the mechanism and performance of these tools are pretty similar, you will find their durability different.

We will discuss their differences by giving a side-by-side comparison. Let’s consider every point carefully before coming to the final decision!

What Is A Floyd Rose?

This locking tremolo is a famous locking system for guitars. It functions in the same way as the classic tremolo. You can use this tool to lower or raise the tone to perform a vibrato effect.

Once one string vibrates, it doesn’t affect the tone of other strings unless you perform a bending.

The Original is the double tremolo equipped with fine tuners. As a result, guitarists won’t need to take off any nuts when tuning their guitars.

The 1000 is the low-profile model of the Original. It shares the same features of utilizing string spacing.

Floyd Rose 1000 vs. Original

Differences Between Floyd Rose 1000 vs. Original

The differences between Floyd Rose 1000 vs. Original are their mechanism, durability, reliability, and price.


The Original guitar had a two-locking tremolo mechanism, one on the bridge and one on the nut. The strings stay fixed to guarantee that they do not shift even when the tremolo is working, making it a secure system.

Steel and nickel-plated brass make up the bridge. These materials hold the bridge in place even when it works intensely.

Although it was previously only available in black, their website shows that it now comes in various hues. Chrome, Gold, Nickel, Copper, Pearl, and other finishes are accessible, with prices varying.

Many people claim that the 1000 is identical to the Original edition on the slip side. Apart from the fact that the former is Korean-made, they may be slightly different.

The latter, on the other hand, is a German-made device. This version works as a factory-installed accessory on new guitars.

Though they look to be comparable, the Korean-made tremolo remains limited to moderate tremolo uses.

Indeed, there’s just one way to tell the difference between the two. You can look at the back margin of the saddle near the fine tuners.

The back of Korean-made tremolos has a curved pattern rather than flat.  However, Asian-made models are nearly identical to the earlier, making differentiation challenging.


The 1000 model is a low-profile ver. It may look like the former at first, but it is less durable, especially for frequent and heavy use.

The knife edges and pivot part may become worn out quickly with continuous use. Moreover, the finish is not solid enough. It will fade soon.

Some guitarists find it hard to set the correct tone on the higher E as the saddle can’t slide back enough.


There will always be reliability concerns regarding diverse materials being employed to create critical parts on guitars.

Germany has a renowned reputation for superior design and engineering that South Korea lacks.

However, the true problem here is that the 1000 configuration doesn’t have the same level of reliability or protection as the Original after it’s been implemented.

Play a few concerts with both of them in place, and you’ll see that one loosens and starts to wear out far quicker than the other.

Floyd Rose 1000 vs. Original


You can visit the manufacturer’s website to check the price. Generally, the Original version is a little cheaper than the 1000.

The average cost for a former is about $200, while that figure for the newer version is $225.

We have compared 1000 vs. Original in essential factors. Now, let’s summarize their differences with this comparison table.

MechanismKorean-made for moderate usesGerman-made for fresh guitars
ReliabilityQuality confirmedBrand confirmed
PriceAbout $200About $225

Final Words

It’s best to learn the art of selecting the best tremolo. Floyd Rose has produced two of its unique tremolo systems available to you at a reasonable cost.

The difference between these options is minor. Yet, if durability and budget is your top concern, the Original version should be the way to go. Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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